Music Recording Studio

Recording Studio

Affordable and accessible!

From your original idea to the final product, we offer a one stop shop for recording full band tracking or solo artist singers/songwriters.  Services include an audio engineer, professional equipment, full access to the studio, and more!

Our facilities have been designed and built to our specifications to allow for groups of different sizes to be accommodated. You can lay down tracks for vocals, guitars, drums, keys, and even horns and strings, and we’ll help you to capture the right sound and mix your recording to a polished and professional-quality track or album.

About Our Head Engineer

Our in-house studio engineer, Rick Lisak, is a multi-instrumentalist and producer.  Rick has studied under Bjorn Thorsrud, the recording engineer for the Smashing Pumpkins, and currently works in Chicago.  He uses up-to-date, professional software including Pro Tools, Nuendo and Cubase.  He will take you step-by-step through the recording process to help ensure that you receive the best product.


  • Recording rate: $38 per hour
  • Minimum session: 3 hours

In the event of cancellation, our engineer requires 48 hour notice or the client will be assessed a penalty fee equaling the minimum session requirement.

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