Private Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons

At the very core of who we are, the House of Music is a music school providing exceptional private music lessons to students of all ages, levels, and abilities. Our instructors are both seasoned teachers and working professionals who perform music themselves. Students can select their instrument of choice, but, if they need help our friendly staff is there to guide students to find their voice.

The following are some of the type of music lessons we provide:

Band Instruments

Students can progress much farther in their musical endeavors in their school marching band or concert band with private lessons.

  • Woodwind – We provide music lessons for flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor sax, baritone sax, piccolo, oboe, bassoon, and other woodwind instruments.
  • Brass – Students can have instruction in trumpet, trombone, baritone, euphonium, and tuba from experienced brass players.
  • Percussion – From the battery including snare drum, bass drum, toms, and cymbals to the “pit” auxilliary including bells, glockenspiel, xylophone, and marimba, our professional percussion instructors can help students with their technique.

Orchestral Instruments

  • Wind and Percussion Instruments – Our band instrument instructors, as mentioned earlier, can help refine performance technique on a wide array of wind and percussion instruments.
  • Stringed Instruments – Students can learn violin, viola, cello, and stringed bass.
  • Piano – Our piano instruction spans the gamut of classical to jazz to rock and everything in between.

Jazz, Rock, and Blues Instruments

  • Guitar – We offer lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar performance with styles from classical to rock to metal.
  • Bass – This very in-demand instrument is the heartbeat of many different bands and ensembles, and our teachers know how to get the most out of it!
  • Keyboards – Take piano playing to another level to learn synthisizers and organs.
  • Drums – Our founder is a drummer… in fact, he still teaches drums himself! Learn excellent form and technique from the pros.
  • Percussion – Not all percussion is the drumset or in the “pit”. Congas, bongos, djembes, shakers, tambourines, and all other kinds of membranophones and idiophones are taught here.

Vocal Technique

  • Solo Voice – Learn how to make your own instrument, your voice, perform its best with proper vocal technique for your range.
  • Choir – Bands and orchestras aren’t the only musical ensembles. Learn how to sing with others to have a better choir experience.
  • A Capella Choir – Learn more about our A Capella Competitive ensemble.

Folk and Other Instruments

  • Ukulele – This instrument is trending all of the Internet, especially after major television talent shows have showcased singers / songwriters. Learn this fun instrument today!
  • Banjo – Learn a piece of Americana by taking banjo lessons.
  • Mandolin – Have a hankering for bluegrass? Our mandolin teacher will have you picking all kinds of music.
  • Harmonica – You can take this little mouth organ with you everywhere to make beautiful music. Whether learning traditional folk tunes or playing raw blues, you’ll love the fun and excitement that comes with blowing the harp!